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What is the NPRC’s Mandate?

The NPRC is mandated as per the Constitution of Zimbabwe to perform the following ten interlinked functions:

  1. to ensure post-conflict justice, healing and reconciliation;  
  2. to develop and implement programmes to promote national healing, unity and cohesion in Zimbabwe and the peaceful resolution of disputes;
  3. to bring about national reconciliation by encouraging people to tell the truth about the past and facilitating the making of amends and the provision of justice;  
  4. to develop procedures and institutions at a national level to facilitate dialogue among political parties, communities, organisations and other groups, in order to prevent conflicts and disputes arising in the future;
  5. to develop programmes to ensure that persons subjected to persecution, torture and other forms of abuse receive rehabilitative treatment and support;  
  6. to receive and consider complaints from the public and to take such action in regard to the complaints as it considers appropriate;
  7. to develop mechanisms for early detection of areas of potential conflicts and disputes, and to take appropriate preventive measures;  
  8. to do anything incidental to the prevention of conflict and the promotion of peace;  
  9. to conciliate and mediate disputes among communities, organisations, groups and individuals; and
  10. to recommend legislation to ensure that assistance, including documentation, is rendered to persons affected by conflicts, pandemics or other circumstances