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How will the NPRC fulfil its mandate?

In accordance with section 3(2) of the NPRC Act the Commission will fulfil its mandate through the following:

  1. conducts investigations into any dispute or conflict within the mandate of the Commission as set out in Section 252 of the Constitution or as provided by any other law; and
  2.  conducts research on(i) the nature, scope, extent and causes of disputes and conflict subject to the constitutional mandate of the Commission: or (ii) the intervening strategies for disputes and conflict referred to in subparagraph (i);
  3. performs any other function that the Commission may be required or permitted to perform by or under this Act or any other enactment; and
  4. subject to Section 342 of the Constitution, to do or cause to be done, either by itself or through its agents, all or any of the things specified in the Second Schedule, either absolutely or conditionally and either solely or jointly with others.