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Commissioner Rev Charles Masunungure

Professional qualifications

  • Master of Science in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution
  • BSc Counselling
  • Diploma in Theology
  • Certificate in Systemic Therapy

Work Experience

  • A member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police for 14 years. During this period he was involved in investigation of crime, community relations liaison, solemnisation of marriages, marriage and family counselling, deceased estate administration including resolving disputes among estate beneficiaries, performed Chaplaincy duties in various provinces, supervised Police Chaplains as the Deputy Chaplain General.
  • Has held various pastoral positions as a Pastor and a Regional Overseer over the past 23 years. In these positions he has helped spread the gospel of peace among families and communities as well as resolve disputes within and outside the church.
  • Mediated between conflicting political parties during the 2013 Harmonised Elections in Bindura North and South Constituencies as the Chairman of Bindura Pastors Fraternity working alongside a SADC Observer Team.

What he brings to the NPRC

  • Evidence gathering through statement taking, systematic interviewing, investigations skills and report writing.
  • Great networks with the security sector, church community and peace building sectors.
  • Expertise in Conflict Prevention Management Resolution and Transformation where negotiation, mediation and dialogue will facilitate healing and reconciliation of conflicting parties.
  • Sharp psychoanalysis and psychotherapeutic skills that will help the NPRC fulfil its mandate in victim support and rehabilitation.

Appreciation of Ecumenism and Diversity which is key as the NPRC engages the diverse communities with various traditions and religions. This is informed by his many years of being a Law Enforcement Chaplain with full membership to the International Conference of Police Chaplains.