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Commissioner Choice Ndoro

Professional Qualifications

  • Masters in Public Administration (Awarded Merit and two scholarships for outstanding work by Ford Foundation and DAAD of Germany)
  • Bachelors Degree in Politics and Administration (Awarded two University Book Prizes)
  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Diploma in Leadership Diploma In Theology
  • PHD Candidate

Work Experience

 Lecturer of Political Science and Undergraduate Chairperson for 7 years at the University of Zimbabwe with full tenure. She has regional research and publication experience with six Africa countries. For four years, she was involved in proposing solutions to conflicts in Africa and making recommendations to Council of Ministers and African Heads of State and Governments.

She consulted for the Women’s caucus in Zimbabwean since 2000 intermittently. She was also co-Chairperson of the Thematic Committee on Systems of Governance and a Resource-person for the current Constitution. She has consulted for over 35 local organisations on peace and governance issues. She was trained by Johan Galtung in conflict transformation. She directed a four- year national programme for possible futures for Zimbabwe (Trained by Oxford Said Business School).

Contribution to NPRC

  • Political Science background: Ability to analyse and bring clarity to historical and contextual issues in Zimbabwe.
  • Knowledge of Scenarios Methodologies: To determine possible future causes of conflict.
  • Research experience: Brings methodologies used for survivors of conflict and use of post-Modernist and Positivist approaches including Constructivist research (includes conflict transformation) as well as Feminist, Critical Pedagogy and Post-Liberation Methods.
  • Networks: At national and regional levels.
  • Gender-Sensitivity which is key in programming. Excellent communication, presentation and critical thinking skills.